2018 Graduation Requirements


 Class of 2018


Students are required to earn a total of 22 credits, complete the Culminating Project, and meet standard on the Smarter Balanced English exam. In addition, students must pass End of Course Algebra I, or Geometry or the Smarter Balanced Math exam, and the End of Course Biology exams to be eligible for graduation from the Puyallup School District.



Credit Requirements

Credit Area Credit Amount
English 4.0


Algebra I - 1.0, Geometry - 1.0, Algebra II 1.0


Social Studies

World Studies - 1.0, American Studies II - 1.0,

Civics - .5, CWP - .5



Physical Science - 1.0, Biology - 1.0

Fine Arts 1.0
Health .5
Fitness 1.5
Occupational Education 2.0
Electives 5.0
Total= 22.0


Non - Credit Requirements


q Community Experience

q Portfolio

q Presentation


q Smarter Balanced English Exam


q Smarter Balanced Math exam


End of Course Exams

q Alg. I or q Geom

End of Course Exam

q Biology


Additional subjects necessary beyond high school graduation for admission to a Washington State College/University


  • An additional semester of social studies elective such as psychology, multi-cultural studies, world humanities/geography, economics, business law
  • Two years of the same world language (three recommended)
  • Pre-Calculus or a math based quantitative course during your senior year
  • One year of an algebra based science such as chemistry or physics
  • For Private or out of state schools, please check their website for specific requirements.