Running Start

                                                Running Start Guide 2020

                          I am interested in Running Start, what steps do I take?

1.  Admissions:  Submit an online application for the college of choice (Pierce, TCC, Clover Park, Highline). 

2.  Placement Assessment Eligibility:  College level placement in English is required for Running Start participation. You may complete a computer-based placement assessment or provide alternative placement documents (Smarter Balanced Assessment Scores or high school transcripts with final grades for the sophomore year) for placement consideration. Sophomores-Accuplacer at college-visit website of the college you plan on attending for Running Start for info.  Juniors: SBA Scores or Transcripts. For SBA results please contact Mrs. Boyd and allow 48 hours for her to get those to you. For transcripts please contact Mrs. Reed.

3. Turn in your Documents to Rangeloff, your School Counselor:  
         1. Accuplacer results or SBA results that are stamped “RS ELIGIBLE”
         2. Signed Running Start Contract copies are available in the counselor's office, in the main office or in the Running Start Guide (Link Above)

4.  Schedule an appointment with Rangeloff, your high school counselor:   
Complete a Running Start Enrollment Verification Form (EVF) with your high school counselor. This cannot be completed with a last minute drop-in visit.  Appointments for EVF are expected to be about 30 minutes. Please plan ahead.  

It is your responsibility to make the appointment AND to attend the appointment at the agreed upon time. If you miss your scheduled appointment time then you will have to wait until an available appointment spot which could result in missing the college’s priority deadline for registration and the start of general registration.

5.   Sign up for an Advising Appointment at the College:   All students are required to meet with a college advisor prior to registration. Check your Pierce College student email for updates on scheduling an advising appointment. Bring your completed and signed enrollment verification form, EVF (with parent’s signature), Pierce College Student ID Number & copy of Assessments to your advising appointment.

If you are not attending Pierce College, check with your college to verify the next step (either Advising Appointment or Orientation).

6.  Register and Pay Fees:   After meeting with a College Advisor, they will direct you how to register for classes. Running Start students pay student and course fees each quarter after registering.