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Walker High School looks, feels, and operates differently than a traditional school. The staff has the opportunity not only to know each other well, but also to know all of the students and work with each of them individually. Teachers consistently collaborate across the curriculum to complement, supplement, and coordinate with each other, in the best interest of each Walker student. 

The Walker Campus staff is comprised of a principal, counselor, 8 full-time certificated staff, 2 part-time certificated staff, 3 para-professionals, 2.25 office professionals, 2 full-time security professional, and a part-time lunch server, nurse and custodian. Every staff member in the building is committed to the success of every WHS student. Each staff member enjoys a close relationship with many of the students as a result of small class sizes, and the opportunity throughout the day to meet on an individual basis, and get to know the students beyond their identity as students in a school. Walker offers a level of personalization to parents and students not typically found in larger, more comprehensive settings. 

The Walker staff believes that success for each student is met through high standards and expectations for both behavior and academics. These are accomplished by working collaboratively with students and their families.

Michael Sanchez 

MS. Wilkinson

Kris WIliknson

Office Manager

Ms. Reed

Michele Reed
Attendance Secretary

Ms. Kim

Heidi Kim

Ms. Rangeloff

Christine Rangeloff