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About Us

Walker High School currently stands on the previous location of the North Puyallup School. This school was built in 1909 and served grade school students. North Puyallup School had four classrooms on each of the two levels, and in the middle of the building was a large coal furnace to keep the teachers and students warm. On top of the school building hung a large 300-pound cast iron bell that would ring to let kids know school was about to begin. 

 In 1975 the brick schoolhouse reopened to serve secondary students in what was known as the Continuation School. Former State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Judith Billings was the first Coordinator of the program.  In 1980, longtime principal Earlene Bogrand began to shape the future of alternative education in the Puyallup School District. Small in stature, but giant in might and fierce in resolve, for over two decades, Earlene built the foundation for the school Walker is today. In 1986 the local fire department burned the building down to make way for the new building which opened as Puyallup Alternative High School.  In 1995 this school was renamed E.B. Walker High School.

This property had been given to the Puyallup School District under the stipulation that the land would remain in the district so long as school continues on the land. It is the rich history of the land, and the work that has taken place over decades, that energizes the staff and students at Walker High School.

Each year, since 1975 Walker High School has faced a number of challenges with one purpose in mind. Walker remains a beacon of light to all the have lost their way. With hard work, a caring staff, and intentional support Walker High School is and will forever be place that is Creating Hope, Inspiring Potential, and Changing lives.